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ArcGIS Domains: Using FME Where Esri Falls Short

FME In Transportation SIG Presentation:

One of the many issues plaguing data integrity within ArcSDE Geodatabases concerns the entry of data values that violate domain constraints. Domain constraints can be violated through the use of Python, SQL, and FME. Domain constraints can also be violated with Esri’s own toolset by using the Field Calculator or the Append tools. 

In this presentation, I demonstrated an FME process I’ve developed for Gistic Research, Inc to support Arizona Department of Transportation’s Roads and Highways data quality endeavors. This FME process performs database-wide domain validations and packages the results into a Google Data Studio Dashboard, giving manager a crucial insight into the performance metrics of their editors. The dashboard, show below, has many different metrics allowing managers to filter the report. The filters include: Agency, Editors, Feature Class, Field, Edit Date, QC Run Date, and a switch called “Triggered Updated” meaning the edit was triggered by the R&H network route being edited.

Watch the presentation below:

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