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Google IT Automation With Python Professional Certificate

For the past few months I have been working on a 6 month Professional certificate in IT Automation with python. The content of the course was developed by google, and it was offered through

When I initially started this, I was very skeptical in terms of how much I would learn or get out of it. “How much could I possibly learn from a few dumb online courses, when I use python at my job nearly every single day?” I asked myself. Well, as it turns out, the answer is “A WHOLE LOT!”

Stuff like: becoming more familiar with Linux and scripting with bash, manipulating picture and pdf files, data serialization, interacting with different APIs, managing and deploying software configurations with Puppet, becoming more familiar with RegExes, and monitoring computer resources in real time on a continuous basis.

I really thought this course would just be a bunch of handholding and a few videos, instead they covered the basic points, gave you tons of external resources to read on your own, and then presented you with challenging exercises and forced you to refer back to the external resources to do more research on your own. I highly recommend this to anyone hoping to become more familiar with python!



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